The Prevail Method leadership team presents, Tulsa Regional Super Saturday. Pack up your cars with guests and come on out for another great life-changing event. 

April 29, 2017 - The Prevail Method Leadership presents Super Saturday Breakthrough to the Max Regional Event in Collinsville, OK.

February 23, 2017

Team Member, Rosemary Fisher, created this 2.5' x 6' banner design and wanted you to see it. You can customize this one and use it at trade shows, or anywhere. 

Click here to learn more. 

February 10, 2017

Double Diamond, and network marketing full-timer for many years, as well as, traditional business owner and entrepreneur, Karen Ford, offers great advice to help you keep your tax documents organized. 


1.) Keep EVERYTHING! Keep all gas receipts & repairs, meals, travel, purchases of any kind for the promotion of your business. Let your tax preparer go through with y...

We are so excited to announce the 24 Day InnoV8 Revolution Challenge of the $500 value Grand Prize to Amanda Ballou Roberts!  She had a 14.51% percentage of body weight loss for totals pounds lost of 29.8, 3 inch loss in her waist!  Way to go Amanda!!!

2nd place went to Amber Loveless with 4.97% percentage of body weight loss for total pounds of 7.4, 2.5 inch loss in her waist!

3rd place went to Velvet New Peterson with...

It was an incredible night down to the last wire...literally until midnight, but we are so excited that our team placed BOTH FIRST and SECOND place in the United States 🇺🇸 on the January 2017 leader-board for the start of the year!!!  What a way to start the year!!!  

Amanda Ballou Roberts came from behind with 17 orders in 2 days to take the number one spot by one order for the US for a total of 40 and for the se...



Blake Despain Emerald

Matt Rich Emerald

Tracey Farrington Emerald

Great Job! 

We are so excited to be part of this AMAZING team of people!

Greg & I moved to Western Oklahoma 30 years ago, where we founded and now are Senior Pastors of Rock of Restoration Church.
Our desire is to help people succeed in every area of their lives.

Seven years ago, we got into the Direct Selling business. We discovered that it was a perfect fit for us being in ministry. We can pastor a church full-time while building a succes...

The Prevail Method recommends starting your own private Facebook Group as a Smart Start Best Business Practice.  

What are the Benefits of Starting a FB Private Group?

1. It allows someone to have control of who they are sharing their opportunity and product with.

2. It is a way for people that are not as comfortable on the phone to reach out to a large number of people very quickly. And then drive them to their website.

So Let's...

The Prevail Method launched tonight. If you missed the launch call, listen to it now. Hear from team leaders and contributors, Steve & Paula Dibbins, Kirby Mitchell, and Karen Ford, along with our website designer and team member, Jamie Dulaney. Get special insights on the vision of The Prevail Method and why we created this for the future of the team. 

Click here to listen to the recorded call.

We are on the move together. 

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