Team Members Crushing the Leader-Board

It was an incredible night down to the last wire...literally until midnight, but we are so excited that our team placed BOTH FIRST and SECOND place in the United States 🇺🇸 on the January 2017 leader-board for the start of the year!!! What a way to start the year!!! Amanda Ballou Roberts came from behind with 17 orders in 2 days to take the number one spot by one order for the US for a total of 40 and for the second time, Nov 2016 as well! Jason Collins who has only been in for 18 days and was leading the US, pushed so hard until the end with the number two spot for the US with 9 orders in 2 days for total of 39! We are so super proud of both amazing leaders and everyone else who finished strong last night! 2017 is going to be a record breaking year and we can't wait to see what happens and all the lives that will be changed!! Amanda Roberts won $250 for first as well as $300 for 2 day contest and Jason Collins won $150.

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