Greg & Pattie Zoschak

We are so excited to be part of this AMAZING team of people!

Greg & I moved to Western Oklahoma 30 years ago, where we founded and now are Senior Pastors of Rock of Restoration Church. Our desire is to help people succeed in every area of their lives.

Seven years ago, we got into the Direct Selling business. We discovered that it was a perfect fit for us being in ministry. We can pastor a church full-time while building a successful business.

In September\ 2016 I saw a post from Paula about a “weight loss coffee”. I asked to purchase a trial pack. While picking up the trial pack Paula was on a speaker 3-way call with one of our up-line leaders and another woman sharing her story. When I heard the marketing plan and the success that people were seeing with both the product and the business I wanted in!

So on September 12, 2016, I joined Valentus purchasing the Business Builder pack of $499 and had it sold in 2 days!I I duplicated everything Steve & Paula told me to do and have effortlessly built a business that has brought us just over $20,000 in the last 4 months and hit Diamond at 7 weeks. The greatest part are the lives we are seeing change physically and financially.

We have 4 beautiful daughters who are married and have given us 8 grandchildren with 1 new one on the way.

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