The Prevail Method Smart Start Checklist

Getting off the right start is easy. Here is the method we find most effective for building a strong foundation and a healthy, thriving team.

$499 RUBY BUSINESS PACKAGE (16 BOXES OF PRODUCT) • Least price per cup (sell 9 boxes and recoup your entire investment) • Promotes you to Ruby Level immediately (moves you up 4 levels on the comp plan) • Maximizes your commissions - You get legacy bonus qualified sooner — why leave money on the table? • People will do what you do

MAKE A LIST OF PROSPECTS A. Sharpest business minded people you know B. Your best friends that love, help, and support you (the path of least resistance) C. Product people SCRIPT: Send them a short text or Facebook message — something like: “Hey, I’m so excited! I just got started drinking a new brand of coffee and it’s amazing for weight loss, energy, focus, fat burning, and is off the charts for appetite control. I’m just getting started and I thought about you. I have either a 6 day trial or a box of Skinny Coffee if you would like to try it or if you would like to know more. The business is moving very fast and if you would like to know about getting involved it is very easy to share Skinny Coffee!!! You will love the taste and everyone is getting fast results!”

SET UP YOUR FACEBOOK GROUP One of the things you may want to do to create your group page is to also go to GoDaddy and purchase your own domain name to brand yourself. You also want to get one for ordering directly and also the valentustour website as well. You can direct your Valentus websites to your own domain name so there won't be any issues in orders be placed under someone else. To Create a Facebook group (be sure it’s not public, closed is best), then add your Facebook friends from your personal page (at least 300 or more). Have your sponsor and business partners make comments about their excitement about skinny coffee as well. As your prospects from this group begin to sample or buy skinny coffee, ask them to post their excitement and results as well. Everyone will be promoting collectively. It is very POWERFUL! As you bring on new members to your team, suggest that they make their own group as well and not to add their friends to your group. Every link for the Valentus site on your group is your link — post your link on all the linksat least once a day on comments so your prospects can easily find it. You want your Facebook group to be all about driving traffic to your website. This is your personal prospecting page, so be sure and post that you have skinny mini trial packs available as well fairly often.

6 DAY TRIAL PACKS OR 1 WEEK TRIAL PACK • Trial packs sell for $20 • Shipping is approximately $2.62 (you can cover this for your first time customer OR you can charge them). • Set up PayPal, Square Cash or Facebook to collect money • Use a 4X6 tall plastic bag that can be found in the craft section of Walmart. - put 6 skinny coffee sticks and attach the 4x6 postcard with your contact info and your business card. (Watch Trial Pack Video in the Smart Start Section of This Website.)

FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP • Always follow up at the end of the first or second day • By day 2, most people are ready to place their order, remind them it takes 4-5 business days to get their coffee when they order it on your website…. and they WILL NOT want to go without. Just think about Day 1, 3 & 5 to followup via text, pm or phone call.

SEND OUT YOUR 4 MIN VIDEO TO PEOPLE TO EXPOSE THEM TO YOUR NEW BUSINESS It will put them in the system for FREE if they pre enroll at When they put in their name and email address, the system will hold a Pre-enrollment position for FREE and, before the pay period is over (pay periods are Friday-Thurs night midnight), they will get an email from the company if they have anyone that has signed up under them in the binary leg. They will have a sense of urgency to sign up as a member so that they can keep the people under them. If they don’t upgrade by Thursday at midnight, their position falls to bottom of the leg and will eventually disappear.

DEVELOP YOUR STORY • Develop your story: Product Results and Income Story • If you are new, use your sponsor’s story or someone else’s success story • Measure and weigh (document and take pictures of yourself and scale) • Weight loss: 1st week, 1st month, or any increment of time for a story • Income story: 1st week, 1st month (how fast to Emerald, Diamond etc.)

CONNECT CALLS Introduce your prospect or new IR to your business partners. This is vital for new prospects. WHY? Because the connect call validates…WHAT do people want to know. • Does the product work? • Will I get help? • What is my timing like? • Can I make money? As you bring on new people, introduce them to your enroller and your business partners. IF it is intimidating for you to do a connect call or zoom, then the next best thing to do is connect your business partner with your prospect or new IR on a group text or Facebook message to connect the two and open the door for them to meet.

LEARN HOW TO MAXIMIZE THE COMPENSATION PLAN GO TO THEPREVAILMETHOD.COM • Print out comp plan (8 pages). • Listen to the recorded zoom videos and audio. • This is your business. Understanding the comp plan will make it clear to you what you need to do to make more income.

GET TO EMERALD 1. Purchase the $499 package (16 boxes). 2. Enroll 3 rubies in the left leg and 3 rubies in your right leg. 3. Have your upline sponsors help your new rubies get started with their 3 on the left and 3 on the right. 4. Emerald = 5000 points on the left and 5000 points of volume on the right, with at least 500 BV of enroller tree volume in the common shared leg with your upline. 5. To stay qualified you must have 100 BV of personal volume monthly. All qualifying volume starts new the 1st of every month. 6. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate to get to Diamond fast! It's also in helping others see the same success you do.

STAY CONNECTED  Communicate daily with your business partners.  Listen to all of the company phone call training at 530-881-1212. Use PIN: 745-112-327* Saturdays 11:30 AM CST and Tues. & Thurs. 8:00 PM CST  MONDAY morning focus calls at 10:30 AM call 641-715-3580. Use PIN: 907213*  Get text reminders for call by texting your full name and Valentus ID to 561-281-8080.  Download the Valentus App for Iphone or Android.

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