Kirby & Danae Mitchell

Double Diamonds on the rise

Hello Everybody. We are Kirby and Danae Mitchell from San Angelo Texas.

Here is a little on our back ground and success. I have been employed in the oil and gas industry for the last 10 years. My wife was in sales for the past 5 years but now is a stay at home wife and has been for the past year. We met in a previous business venture in January of 2015 in Fort Smith Arkansas! We fell madly in love and now live on a small ranch out side of San Angelo.

The opportunity of Valentus was brought to us Aug 19th 2016. We placed our $499 business builder order that day and immediately went to work! Within the first 30 days, we hit the rank of Diamond, earning just over $15,000. Our second month we hit the rank of Double Diamond, earning just over $18,000.

We have been involved for almost 5 months now and have earned over $60,000. Valentus has been a true blessing for our family to say the least. We can see our vision coming true! Being able to travel the world debt free and just never having to worry about finances is something we have been striving for! The most exciting part about this journey is to see the amount of families that are succeeding with this company. God is truly leading this miracle movement.

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Kirby & Danae Mitchell


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