Karen Ford

Double Diamond on the elevator up!

Meet Karen Ford of Charlottesville, Virginia who is responsible for our team beginning.

Hi my name is Karen Ford I have been in the direct sales industry for 30 years. As a single mom I raised my children with them at my feet, in my lap, as they were growing up, doing this business. I saw the vision of creating a lifestyle for my family and having the opportunity to do the things with them that I would have never been able to do had I been working a 9-to-5 job. I made a decision to focus on helping others change their lives by sharing what was available to each one of us. And, now my 5 grandchildren get to watch me do it too. I have experienced exciting venues in addition to my direct sales, I sold investment property near the Shenandoah National park in Virginia with great success. I love nurturing my creativity through design work and I've owned antique shops for many years & still do... My sisters & I sing Southern Gospel Music In many churches & concerts! I love to minister through music & worship with The Ford Sisters. I was introduced to Valentus in April 2016; what I saw here I couldn't un-see. The system is simple, duplicatable, affordable, and delivers results! What took me 7 years to earn per month with my previous company of $30,000 per month, I was able to earn in 7 months here. I feel confident in knowing we can create wealth and greater health for thousands of people who have not even heard of us yet. My passion is to be a difference maker and change lives as a result of being at Valentus.

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Karen Ford



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