Delicious, Healthy Ways to Enjoy Slimroast

What are some other creative and delicious ways to drink your Prevail© SlimROAST?

Yummy Variations on how to Drink It

  • 1/2 cup warm milk (or coconut or almond milk), 1/2 cup boiling water, SlimRoast, touch of honey

  • Add milk & honey or just honey

  • Add agave and creamer

  • Add French Vanilla Coffee creamer (or Hazelnut or Irish Cream)

  • Add to half a regular coffee then gradually increase SlimRoast and decrease regular coffee

  • Add a bit of water and liquid vanilla stevia and drink it like a shooter followed by water

  • Add to 1/4 cup hot water, splash of milk and shoot it

  • Add almond milk and mix with a small hand mixer

  • Add baileys!

  • Drink it black and just warm, quickly then follow with something yummy tasting afterwards

  • Add to 2 cups of hot water to start, then gradually decrease the water

  • Add to your regular coffee

  • Drink it in hot chocolate

  • Mix in morning chocolate shake

  • Add to a protein shake - mixes in great.

  • Make it into iced coffee, or blended iced coffee (like a slush)

  • Mix in with chocolate milk to camouflage the taste

  • Make SlimRoast Pills / Capsules , if you dislike coffee - Push Here

  • Iced: Add to unsweetened almond milk, chocolate whey powder, touch of nutmeg or cinnamon Iced: add to almond milk, chocolate protein powder, banana and peanut butter

  • Add organic or lactose free 10% creamer, stevia to sweeten,(Sweetleaf brand, tastes the most like sugar), then to specialize, add a dash of flavoured extract. Almond, maple etc.

If you don't like coffee, you can make SlimRoast Coffee Capsules:

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