Steve & Paula Dibbins

Meet Steve and Paula, co-founders of this site for team training, from Owasso, OK.

Double Diamonds and Rising

For 11 years we have owned and operated a successful personal training studio where we help all types of people reach their goals in health and fitness utilizing functional training and nutrition.

We have been involved in the direct selling industry for 18 years and have always loved this business model. It is an even playing field for anyone with the desire and passion to change their life and the lives of others.

When we were introduced to Valentus on Aug 28th we immediately saw an opportunity to be part of the foundation team of company that was growing faster than anything we had ever seen. So we came in on the $499 Business Builder pack and started using the simple system that our leaders taught us.

In 7 weeks we hit the rank of Diamond and in 9 weeks we achieved Double Diamond. In the first 35 days we earned $15k and in 4 1/2 months we have earned over 60k. Paula lost 7 pounds in the first 12 days on the SlimRoast and I lost 3% body fat in 6 weeks.

We have built a team of over 3500 members and growing an it is so exciting to see the lives being changed financially and from a health standpoint everyday utilizing these amazing products and the business opportunity.

Although we live very busy lives including running our traditional business and spending time with our 3 kids and 4 granddaughters we have been able to build this business and help many others do the same.

Contact Info:

Steve & Paula Dibbins

918-406-2219 or 918-406-1339

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